Toyota Steeped in History Tour of the Big Easy



"The year-round celebration of Black History recognizes the iconic moments and people of our past who’ve helped shape today’s African-American communities, including the city of New Orleans. Designed to recognize and unearth interesting historical points that showcase the achievements of those of African descent, The Toyota Steeped in History Tour is coming to The Big Easy on April 6th.


We invite you and one guest to join us on a half-day driving excursion through some of New Orleans’s most culturally relevant landmarks, from learning about Homer A. Plessy of the famous Plessy vs. Ferguson court case, to visiting Louis Armstrong Elementary School and many landmarks in-between. We’ll be guided throughout the day by recognized New Orleans historian and tour guide Mr. Leon Waters of Hidden History Tours. He’ll share the importance of each landmark in the African-American footprint."


In addition to the tour, was provided with a week-long vehicle loan ahead of time and a list of additional historic landmarks to visit behind the wheel of a new Toyota, Corolla.