Garden Party

Assistant Wardrobe Stylist/Set Design

Wardrobe Stylist/Set Design: Rebecca Diaz

Assistant Wardrobe Stylist/Set Design: Christine M. Hamilton

Additional Wardrobe: Century Girl Vintage

Make-Up: Tamara Soublet & Michelle Cardoza

Photographer: Aubrey Stallard

Perdu et Trouvé

Photographer: Maiwenn Raoult

Wardrobe Stylist: Christine M. Hamilton

Jewelry Designer: Neon Zinn by Seth Damm

Hair & Make-Up: Phoenix Rose 

Models: Breanna Steer & Kai Bussant

This series was inspired by the idea of  finding each other, by opposites working together. We separate from one another, and find ourselves connected again. "PERDU & TROUVE" speaks to how we can so seamlessly combine the old and the new. The rope necklaces are created by Neon Zinn, a jewelry line based in New Orleans, and are paired with vintage men suits. The pieces from different time periods find themselves working together to create something beautiful, something that represents the masculine and feminine moving together.

V for Vanity

Creative Director/Wardrobe Stylist

Models: Erika Flowers, Breanna Thompson, Lizzy Collins

Wardrobe Stylist: Christine M. Hamilton

Set Design/Wardrobe: Rebecca Diaz

Additional Wardrobe: Saint Claude Social Club, Buffalo Exchange

Make-Up: Tamara Soublet

Photographer: Maiwenn Raoult