No Longer Afraid

Being me isn't so easy to be...I'm sensitive, complicated, guarded, & little stubborn. I love hard, so I hurt easily. I'm critical, so I always see the flaws. I'm a perfectionist, so I'm very particular...But that's okay...It's okay that I'm sensitive, because it shows how my heart is pure. It's okay that I'm complicated because it means I have depth. It's okay that I'm guarded, because it means I'm protective over my heart. I'm critical because I want the best for me. I'm particular because I know what I like. I'm sharp and direct and not everyone can handle it. I'm passionate and expressive and most people aren't. I'm not everyone's "cup of tea." They don't all "get me." But, I know myself. I love myself. I can't worry about what others think, because they aren't living my life. I'm no longer afraid of not being liked. I'm no longer afraid of being me. Because being me is the best thing I could ever be.