À la mode

Necklace: TJ Maxx, Vegan Leather Blouse: Magpie, Suede Skirt: Goodwill, Faux Fur Jacket: Altuzarra for Target, Shoes: Talbots

Photography by : Blake Von D 

Every thing you do in life, do it "a la mode"; With style (in French). Be deliberate in your look. Let it represent who you are, not just who you want to be. Wear what speaks to you and let that speak to everyone else. Back in grade school, I was always told I dressed "different." "Christine why do you always dress in costume?" Words from my peers. I didn't understand how what I was wearing was so abnormal to everyone else. I just wore what I felt like wearing. One day I may want to be punk, the next preppy. I may want to be bohemian, or just combine all of those a create a whole new genre. No matter what, I'm always 100% ME. 

One thing about me then and now, is that I've never worn what was "in." I define my personal style as classic, because I'm consistent. I know what I like and I stay very true to that. I love textures, so I mixed leather, suede, & fur. I love blazers, so I find any excuse to wear one. I am inspired by all things art so I used my body as a canvas. Style as my media of choice. I don't do labels. I do pieces. As a thrifter, that's how I think. If it's a timeless piece, I'm wearing it today, tomorrow, next year, and maybe someday my kids will wear it too. I'm not about fashion "do's and don'ts." If I like something, I'm wearing it. Style is about you and the statement you want to make. Mine says "I'm a strong, passionate, & creative individual. Watch me live the hell out of this life."

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