Sunday Kinda Love

Jumpsuit: Vintage via Buffalo Exchange, Shoes & Necklace: Goodwill, Belt: Walmart 

Photo Credit: Whitney Mitchell ( Instagram: @twomacks )


"I want a Sunday kind of love
A love to last past Saturday night
And I’d like to know
It’s more than love at first sight
And I want a Sunday kind of love
Oh yeah, yeah..."

I've always loved this Etta James song. As a hopeless romantic, I can easily identify. Picture it...

| You're out one Saturday night, not expecting to meet anyone, but then suddenly you link eyes with someone from across the room. In that single moment your heart flutters, your stomach tingles, and you subconsciously envision yourself having the most intense, love-filled relationship together. A gravitational pull lures you to each other. Every word exchanged means everything and nothing at the same time...You have the most romantic night together and can't possibly imagine how you two have never met before. You hope that this intoxicating connection is more than just the liquor talking, and that you just may have truly met "The One." And Sunday morning you wake up and those feelings are still there. |

That to me is a Sunday Kinda Love...  


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