One Year Strong

Blouse: Thrifted, Shorts: Material Girl, Ring & Shoes via Buffalo Exchange

Photo by : Dawn M. Jefferson (Instagram: @dawniemarie)

Happy Birthday!

One year ago today, I was nervous and scared out of my mind. "Will anyone like this? Will people even see this?" I spent months continuously asking myself this. There were many of times where I just wanted to quit because I wasn't getting the feedback that I wanted. A lot of hard work goes into blogging and I didn't realize that before. I thought I could just put some amazing photos on a page and people would just gravitate toward the awesomeness. Not quite that easy. It took some soul-searching (and many of talks with close friends) to realize that it's not about how many people see this or like this, or comment, or subscribe. But moreso about the journey; the process it takes to commit to something you're passionate about and share it with the world.

I won't pretend to be good at this. I'm not the best writer, I'm not the most stylish person, and I am certainly not tech-savvy. But I am passionate, I am determined, I am good at what I do, and am very proud of it. I may not be the best, but I'm damn good. The world may not see this, but a few may be inspired. After a year of doing this, I have not stopped and that says a lot. The amount of support I've received from starting this is bananas! I never thought what I did was a big deal until people started reaching out to me and expressing their appreciation for what I do. You guys have no idea how much that does for my heart. I have people counting on me, looking forward to my next look, excited to see what's next in my journey. I never thought I would come this far with And there's still sooooo much that I want to do. I guess what I'm saying is, thank you. Thank you for following, thank you for your feedback, thank you for continuously challenging me.

A year into this and I can honestly say that I am pleased with my progress. Spoken from a critical perfectionist, that means ALOT.  


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