Foxfire Ranch

Travel In Style: Foxfire Ranch

This month I joined my writing group for a weeklong Writer's Retreat. There were five of us, in much need of a getaway to rest our bodies, expand our minds, and conjure up some creative flow. We joined at a charming countryside ranch in Waterford, Mississippi, called Foxfire Ranch.

This is a 100yr old, black family-owned ranch. The Hollowell Family opened their beautiful property to us, allowing plenty of room to relax and recharge. Y’all, this place was so perfect! Acres upon acres of ancestral land, with a stable of about five horses, delicious home-cooked country meals served three times a day [each day we were there], adorable wooden cabins, scenic hiking trails, nearby city excursions, coated in superb southern hospitality. It was divine timing how this trip presented itself to me and the rest of the group. We each had pending projects we were working on, but felt a bit strained in our regular environments; such that we just needed a breather. And not even just to write...but to reconnect with ourselves and be more present in the moments. This was the first of a two-week retreat, so I'm looking forward to part two in a few a weeks. 


Here are some photos and a video to recap my trip...