My Divinity

Top: H&M by way of Buffalo Exchange, Jeans: River Island by way of ASOS, Shoes: Puma

Photography by Scott Simon of

I am divine…

Even when I can’t seem to smile or face myself in the mirror,

Even when I can’t stop my tears from flowing,

Even when my nerves shake me crazy

I am divine…

See, my divinity is a reflection of my highest self.

The glow from within seeps out through my sores.

I am divine because I know that I am…

Even when I don’t see myself, I know that I am SEEN

Even when the pressure is weighing me down, I know that I am lifted.

Even when I cant seem to steady my breaths, I know that I am breathing…

When I see myself, I see my divinity.

I find strength in my sensitivity

and exude my femininity

with a natural affinity.

Standing tall in my presence,

You can feel my essence.

My energy is effervescent.

My glow is iridescent.

My truth is my freedom.

This body is my kingdom.

My heart is like gold.

I am a beauty to behold.

When I see myself, I see my divinity…

And I wonder if this world is ready for me…


Travel In Style: Foxfire Ranch

This month I joined my writing group for a weeklong Writer's Retreat. There were five of us, in much need of a getaway to rest our bodies, expand our minds, and conjure up some creative flow. We joined at a charming countryside ranch in Waterford, Mississippi, called Foxfire Ranch.

This is a 100yr old, black family-owned ranch. The Hollowell Family opened their beautiful property to us, allowing plenty of room to relax and recharge. Y’all, this place was so perfect! Acres upon acres of ancestral land, with a stable of about five horses, delicious home-cooked country meals served three times a day [each day we were there], adorable wooden cabins, scenic hiking trails, nearby city excursions, coated in superb southern hospitality. It was divine timing how this trip presented itself to me and the rest of the group. We each had pending projects we were working on, but felt a bit strained in our regular environments; such that we just needed a breather. And not even just to write...but to reconnect with ourselves and be more present in the moments. This was the first of a two-week retreat, so I'm looking forward to part two in a few a weeks. 


Here are some photos and a video to recap my trip...


It Gets Better [With Time]

Blouse & Skirt by Sweet Water Vintage, Photography by Dondre Green


When it seems like you can't see the other side, 

When your head is left behind for the ride,

When the message is missing from your mind...

Know that it gets better with time.


When you can't keep your heart from breaking,

When your nerves are just too shaky,

When the balance of your emotions don't align... 

Know that it gets better with time...


When your enemy is who you see in the mirror, 

When your dreams reveal your darkest terror,

When you're dodging feelings in a emotional landmine... 

Know that it gets better with time...


When living your truth leaves others in the dark,

When you can't tell instinct and anxiety apart,

When the brightness from your own light leaves you blind...   

Know and believe...that it gets better with time.







Fine Line

Photography by Clint Blane, Pantsuit by West London Boutique


I am but a group of lengthy lines

Extending from one end to another,

From top to bottom,

One point to the other,

My lines are fine...


My body is but a stroke of my maker's genius.

Sketched with extension and full intention.

Drawn so beautifully imperfect,

With soft shadows and harsh highlights.

Contouring the pain and the glory.

  My lines look fine...


You may find my lines bold and sharp,

 Or maybe staggered and dashed.

They may be pulled every which way.

Or tightly wound and spun around me.

They may be stretched or strained,

But my lines...they stay fine...


Sometimes my lines move gracefully.

Swaying softly to melodies of the Universe.

Swindling around in pirouettes,

Perfectly posed and poised.

Strikingly statuesque

My lines...


They are sensual, they are strong, they run everlastingly.

They intermingle, they untwist, they are elastic.

They bend, they curve, they intertwine. 

My lines are FINE.