When Doves Cry

Top: Nasty Gal, Blazer & Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: DSW, Photographed by: Clint Blane (Instagram: @clintblane


"...You've got the butterflies all tied up
Don't make me chase you
Even doves have pride..."


Sometimes we connect with another. And that connection can be so deep. Like the stars aligned and the universe's magnetic pull drew you two together. And when you finally find your way to each other it seems not even the odds can break you two apart. Time runs along, red flags appear (that you half-blindly overlook), curve balls thrown that you impressively manage to catch and you convince yourself that the Universe is teaching you patience. A year later: time has faded, the red flags are now Enter At Your Own Risk signs, and you no longer care for baseball. And you ask the Universe, what was I suppose to learn from this?

We put OURSELVES in situations and blame the Universe when they don't go our way. When in actuality, the situation went exactly how it should have. Then we're left with ourselves. Maybe that's the lesson. Those situations in our lives that take us further away from ourselves. The Universe wants us to be happy. It wants us to find the perfect match and for the pieces to come together perfectly. But it also wants us to spend time learning about ourselves. Had we not been through those tumultuous relationships we wouldn't have learned how impatient, or insecure, or stubborn, or passive, or controlling, or WHATEVER we are. There are always signs when we aren't where we need to be, or aren't treating ourselves fairly. It's our duty to recognize these signs and immediately stop ourselves from digging that hole any deeper. We need to have self respect, self control, self awareness. We need to learn how important our needs are and decide not to settle for anything less than what we deserve. It's a necessary journey that we all must take, but at the end of the road we ultimately find true love. The kind of love that is never compromised. The kind of love that last forever...Self love. The rest comes later. I promise.


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