Bubble. Pop. Electric.

Sweater: Missguided, Skirt: Forever XXI, Shoes: DSW, Photographed by Clint Blane (Ig: @clintblane)


Be playful! Be fun! Be bold! 

As an artist I'm naturally attracted to color: 

Colorful people, colorful attitudes, colorful food, colorful colors... 

Certain colors can influence certain moods and thoughts. 

They can bring you back to a special time in your life,

Make you smile, calm you down, or even excite you.

It's fun experimenting with color in your wardrobe.

A pop of color can take a look to the next level and beyond.

Find your inner artist.

Sprinkle your closet with some fun colored pieces. 

Blue leather, red fur, green shoes, purple hat, yellow blouse

Next time you shop, pick a garment in color you rarely wear. 

Live outside the box.  

My favorite colors that pop: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue


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