Mio Amore

Dress: Michael Kors, Jacket: Forever 21, Shoes: Bakers 

Photographer : Brandon Joseph (IG: @gr8mnd_)


Mio Amore. My Love. 

My love is pure like virgin sugar cane nectar.

My heart is deeper than the Pacific.

So why is love such a challenge?

Maybe it's the barricade keeping my feelings a little past arms reach 

Or my pride playing tug of war with my emotions

Maybe it's the lack of trust.

Trust in myself. Trust in faith...

The truth is, love is a challenge because I'm looking in all the wrong places.

I'm searching in signs, cosmic connections, energy exchanges

When all signs are leading to me

And the Universe is just giving me more time

And my energy levels are fluctuating,

Because I'm ignoring all the stars that are aligned in my own galaxy. 

The best kind of love is self love.

I must give myself the kind of love I wish to receive. 

If I can't love me, then who the hell else will? 

I'm not waiting on love. Love is waiting on me. 

Waiting on me to realize that it's already within me.

I was born with it. I breathe with it. I give with it. I live with it.

My love is ME. 

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