To The One's Who've Broken My Heart...

You've put me through physical, emotional, and psychological pain

Wounds that I've barely allowed to heal

You've ripped my heart out a million times

And I've casually handed it right back to you


How had I allowed this?


I guess the beauty that I saw in you , I couldn't see in me

And I was blinded from the nastiness that you gave back,

You gifted me only a piece of yourself and I gladly accepted

Because my wide open heart wanted to fill in the cavities of yours


Though...You've taught me a lot

Without you, I wouldn't know that I shouldn't give my heart to just anyone

That I needed to love myself more than I loved you

Without you, I wouldn't know that as tender and fragile as I can be, that at the end of it all I would actually be able to breathe again


From you, I've learned that my significance is not measured by the attention you give.

Or lack there of...

I know that even though my light was dimmed, it still shined brighter than yours

I know that I can not fault you for me not loving myself enough

I've learned that my heart is far more flexible than the credit I give

That without you, I am a million times better

That without you, I am myself again

That without you, I am without grief, doubt, suspicion, insecurity...


Without you I am whole again

You broke my heart so that I could learn how to value it.