Visual Merchandiser New Orleans


Jumpsuit: Billy Reid, Necklace: Buffalo Exchange, Handbag: Coach, Shoes: Aldo Shoes

Photography By : Clint Blane (Ig: @clintblane)


If you water them, they will grow... 

From bud, to blossom, to bloom

Kissed by the sun

Sprinkled with sweet tears from the sky

Sprouting bursts of perky petals

Alive and vibrant


Striking beauty

Graceful and stylish

Like Earth's accessories

Alluring in fragrance

Sexy, seductive, and succulent

Colorfully confident

Calm and coy 

Effortlessly vain

Strong and stable, 

Yet so soft and fragile


I want to love you like flowers grow

Fertilize your life

Feed your heart

Water your mind

Give you light...

Nurture you with care

Keep you grounded

From the roots to the tips of your petals

I want to give you trust

And faith 

That I am only here to help you grow

And be beautiful 

...I'm learning how to be a better gardener...