Dress: Hand-me-down, Shoes:  Elisabetta Franchi for Celyn b , Earrings: Funky Monkey , Rings: (right hand) Hand-me-down (left hand) Junkmasters , Lipstick: Eggplantish by Magnolia Makeup , Photography by: Taylor DeClue 


"Maybe some girls aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they are supposed to run wild until they find someone just as wild to run with."


My heart is like a jungle.

Mysterious and wild.

Exotic and wet.

Tropic and temperamental.

Never dry. 

Remote. Dense. Secluded.


My heart can never be tamed.

It should never be tolerated.

Travelers must take heed 

For you will see

The ever-inconsistencies

Of the heavy rainfalls and wild animals.

My heart must be met.

It must be matched.

It is free.

It is open...

And closed at the same time... 

Never interrupt the rhythm my jungle.

Follow the beat of the drums and the pluck of the strings.

Beautiful things, you'll find

In the shadows of the night. 

And under the shade of the trees.

Only the brave can sustain. 

Survival of the fittest.