Multilayered Ladies

Wardrobe provided by  Saint Claude Social Club (Ig: @saintclaudesocialclub), Photography: Lauren Massey (Ig: @lboots)

To the multilayered ladies...

I love you
You're necessary
Don't let them complicate you
Don't let them abuse your magic
Nevermind the ones who don't understand you
You're not meant for everyone
Don't let them compare you
Don't let them squeeze you into that little box
You don't fit in and that's ok

Your words are like spells
Your thoughts are outlandish
Your mind goes to infinity and beyond
You're the real deal
So real the fake can't even translate
Reality checks in with you

Your layers are thick and hard to peel
No knives can cut through
No tools can unscrew
Don't let them mold you
Don't let their fears hold you
You're the bravest of the brave

You're golden
A diamond in the ruff
A gem
A hidden treasure
Not everyone can see your value
And some that do don't always know what to do

Don't let them tell you you're too much
You are enough
You're more than enough...
You're everything and more
You're more than most..

It's not easy being you, I know
They'll try to bring you down
They'll put thoughts in your head..
"You're difficult" No, you're a challenge
"You're too outspoken" No, you're assertive
"You're unpredictable" No, you're spontaneous
"You're emotionally unstable" know how to feel

They'll project their insecurities
Try to make you what they want you to be
They'll speak negatively about you
Try to make you the villain
Don't believe the hype
You're what they wish they could be
The brave one
The risk-taker

You're the one someone's been wishing for
You're someone's wildest dream
You're the love of your own life
The joy in your own heart
This world needs more like you
This world needs more
This world needs you
This world is yours...

Don't let them take your world away