On Purpose

Photography by Sharita A Sims


What is our purpose in this life?
Is it offered to us from an outside source?
Or is it discovered from within?
Are our purposes inherited?

I'd like to think that my purpose is something I was born with.
That as a child I had gifts wrapped inside of me that I would spend the rest of my life opening.
I'd like to think my ancestors knew who I was going to be, before I ever took my first breath.
And that since I've been here [in physical form], they've been guiding me [in spirit] through to the discovery of my true purpose.

I don't try to be deep or profound in my words.
I only speak as my heart tells me to.
I only do as I'm spiritually guided to do.
I've found that if there's something that I naturally feel or crosses my mind, it is something that I need to look further into.
If there's something that happens to or around me, I believe it is divinely timed and whatever I've done leading up to that moment has prepared me to face it.

I believe once we start to live in our truth, we start gradually discovering our purpose.
I also believe our purpose is not limited to one or two or three or a million things.
I believe our purpose is an infinite number of positions, characteristics, stages, opportunities, gifts, expressions, etc. that have already been planted inside of us.

This is just my theory...
What do you believe?

Butterflies Inside

Dress: Restored Vintage by Denisio Truitt (@denisiotruitt, @dopeciety), Coin Ring: Jordan Lewis (@_wiredandstoned) Photography: Malik Bartholomew (@phrozen_photography)


As I'm over here wishing to feel butterflies inside...

Butterflies keep passing me by.

I see the signs.

My life is divine.

What is time?

But a blink of an eye,

A rapid flutter of a butterfly wing.

I'm guilty.

Limiting myself to this imaginary hourglass.

My mind forcing me to make every moment last,

But these moments move too fast. 

As I reach, it's already passed. 

My ancestors are telling me,

Showing me.

Why can't I see?

Because time,

A restriction of what I can and cannot do,

Within a limited space that I move through. 

When really my space is infinite,

And my mind is encouraging this timidness.

But what I really want is...

To reach, to see, to feel, to be,

To love, to learn, to build, to earn,

To grow, to give, to care, to live 

To receive all that is already mine

This life is divine

This time...

I'm waiting to feel my light flicker,

But I'm already lit.

Waiting to be somebody else, but I'm already IT.

Seeing the signs but am I really comprehending?

Am I sewing through threads that need to be mended?

All that I truly want, is already mine. 

The stars in my galaxy have already aligned.

As I'm over here wishing for a miracle to see,

These butterflies are trying to show that the miracle is ME.

-C.M. Hamilton