Butterflies Inside

Dress: Restored Vintage by Denisio Truitt (@denisiotruitt, @dopeciety), Coin Ring: Jordan Lewis (@_wiredandstoned) Photography: Malik Bartholomew (@phrozen_photography)


As I'm over here wishing to feel butterflies inside...

Butterflies keep passing me by.

I see the signs.

My life is divine.

What is time?

But a blink of an eye,

A rapid flutter of a butterfly wing.

I'm guilty.

Limiting myself to this imaginary hourglass.

My mind forcing me to make every moment last,

But these moments move too fast. 

As I reach, it's already passed. 

My ancestors are telling me,

Showing me.

Why can't I see?

Because time,

A restriction of what I can and cannot do,

Within a limited space that I move through. 

When really my space is infinite,

And my mind is encouraging this timidness.

But what I really want is...

To reach, to see, to feel, to be,

To love, to learn, to build, to earn,

To grow, to give, to care, to live 

To receive all that is already mine

This life is divine

This time...

I'm waiting to feel my light flicker,

But I'm already lit.

Waiting to be somebody else, but I'm already IT.

Seeing the signs but am I really comprehending?

Am I sewing through threads that need to be mended?

All that I truly want, is already mine. 

The stars in my galaxy have already aligned.

As I'm over here wishing for a miracle to see,

These butterflies are trying to show that the miracle is ME.

-C.M. Hamilton