Intentional Intentions

Top: Goodwill, Pants: Forever XXI, Sandals: TopShop, Sunglasses: French Quarter Market, Bag: Dopeciety

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." -Nelson Mandela

I'll be entering the last year of my twenties in about a month and I can literally feel it. My body is changing, my patience level has gotten more tolerable (roughly), and have found myself being more clear about my wants and needs. In the past I'd find difficulty determining exactly what all that entails. Everyday I'd pray for an abundance of love, joy, and success. But what all does that include? Am I being to general? Too vague? Am I confusing the Universe by not being clear with my intentions?  

A girlfriend and I were chatting about settling the other day. She vowed to be more conscious about her needs and is now practicing the art of "not settling." Applying it to every aspect of her life, from major life-altering decision-making, to deciding what brand to get of your favorite pancakes at the grocery store. She said if she wanted the Universe to understand her intentions, she needed to be more clear about them. If I go to the bar, order a Stella Artois and the bartender says they're out, I can't settle for a Bud Light. One because Bud Light is disgusting, [eck] but also because that's not truly what I want. See, I'd already tasted the crisp flavor of the Stella, touching the tips of my tastebuds. I'm not going to settle and go with something I don't really want. And no this was not a hypothetical situation, I'm at Outback right now writing this and I'm a little salty about it [I digress]. 

The fact of the matter is, my friend inspired me to try this method out. I pray and put my intentions out into the Universe everyday. If I want reciprocity, I better be putting out the right thing. I want an abundance of love, joy, and success. So I'm going to ask for it and I'm going to be VERY specific about it. I'm going to be more open and honest with myself and others. I'm going to create the life I want for myself. It's no one's responsibility, but mine. I'm holding myself accountable. Putting my big girl panties on and taking control of my life. Today I wanted my favorite steak from Outback. So, I took myself to Outback and got my favorite steak. Simple as that. [I clearly know the way to my own heart...] 

C. M. Hamilton